KK9R featured on Korean media site YTN


Our very own Ezebel was featured on the Korean news site YTN! We are beyond excited that news of our organization is spreading in Korea and the U.S. We are so proud of our girl Ezzie!


Translation of article below:

“Abused by Korean dog meat farm

The Story of an Abused Dog…

This is the tragic story of a dog rescued from a poorly treated meat farm in South Korea. An American animal protection group (Korean K9 Rescue) rescued dogs from the Korean meat farm. They introduced their rescue named Ezebel. Ezebel was born in a wire cage ready to be made into dog blood sausages. Ezebel, who spent her entire life in a narrow band of barbed wire, was rescued by animal security and was transported to the U.S. shelter. However, Ezebel feared people because she was severely abused by her former owner. She avoids contact the moment someone touches her. So Korean K9 Rescue is rehabilitating Ezebel very carefully and slowly.

Ezebel has a very gentle and kind personality. But even when she was scared the image of the asylum workers made her sad. After two weeks of rehabilitation, Ezebel, who is currently residing in a foster home in Washington State, is living with her foster family. At first, she was so still and rigid but she is now learning how to play with other dogs. Korean K9 said, “I am looking for a family to care for the wounded Ezebel for life.” Meanwhile, the Korean K9 rescue team — who are steadily carrying out rescue and adoption activities, expect many dogs to be rescued from the dog meat farms besides Ezebel and hope to have them meet new owners.”


YTN (moon@ytnplus.co.kr)

[photo source = koreank 9 rescue]

Check out the full article here: http://m.ytn.co.kr/news_view.php?s_mcd=0104&key=201708041800063482&pos=


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