Poodles & Maltese’s saved from puppy mill in korea – Fosters Needed!


This is a video of a Korean puppy mill located in the Kyung sang Nam Do providence. This puppy mill has a total of 40 dogs, all adult white Malteses and brown Poodles. The facility owners bred puppies and their daughter would sell the puppies to puppy shops in Seoul.

This puppy mill will be officially closing down, thanks to persuasion from our rescuers in Korea. Fortunately, the facility’s condition is not bad and the dogs are in decent health. Our rescuers will be taking the dogs and ensuring that they find good homes. Many of them will be coming to NYC for adoption after vetting and quarantine. Please note: All of the dogs are adults; none of them are puppies.

We will be looking for local NYC fosters in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Nassau county beginning the end of November. 

Local fosters URGENTLY needed (Manhattan/Brooklyn/Queens). Fostering lasts 1 – 14 days. Please EMAIL KK9fosters@gmail.com if you’re interested in fostering or apply here https://goo.gl/forms/TrR6lTTly3RkHgLs2 Thanks!

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