Korean Activists Protest Outside of Gupo Market

The 2018 Winter Olympic torch arrived in South Korea this week, reminding us that the event is less than 100 days away.

It has been speculated that the upcoming Olympics in Korea is the cause for the Moran Market, the largest dog meat market in Seoul, to close earlier this year. Is this a true step forward to ending the meat trade or will the dog meat sellers go underground and still continue the torture and slaughter? We are aware that this could be another temporary closing as we saw with other dog meat markets prior to the Olympics in Korea in 1988. Regardless, we need to take this as an opportunity to push for other dog meat markets to be shut down.

The Gupo Market is still operating and it is now the second largest dog meat market in Busan. This market annually sells over 100,000 dead or alive dogs. In response to the Moran Market closing down, we stand with the Korean Activists in shutting down Gupo Market in South Korea. Additionally, these dog meat markets should remain closed in order to truly take steps forward with ending the dog meat trade.

As seen above, many fellow activists protested in front of Gupo Market yesterday and during Boknal (an annual dog meat festival in Korea).

We must continue to be the voice for the 2.5 million dogs that are suffering in the dog meat trade in that very same country. Let’s take a stand and protest the 2018 Winter Olympics until Gupo Market is closed forever and the horrific dog meat trade in Korea becomes illegal.


November 4th protest in front of Gupo Market, Busan Korea. The largest dog meat market in Korea. Korean activist are sick of this barbaric practice and trade! Mr. Kim leads the march “Anti-dog meat!”, “Stop Dog Meat!” is chanted to the dog meat vendors and passerby’s. The majority of Koreans love dogs and keep them as pets. It is now time to change the law and make it illegal to torture and slaughter our companian friends. We stand with the Korean activists and will continue to support their effort to ban dog meat and give the rescued dogs a second chance!




Written by: Gina Boehler

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