Meet Our First Gwangju Meat Farm Rescue Pups!

We are Beary and Rose. We are Jindo Hogu or Hopi (tiger-brindle) puppies—a rare coloring for the Jindo breed. The Jindo dog is a national treasure in Korea, but what we don’t understand is why a national treasure would be tortured and eaten.

On November 20th, Korean K9 Rescue visited our farm in Gwangju, Korea, where we lived with our brothers and sisters. We saw so much death and suffering we became numb and frozen inside. Miraculously, we were all pulled out of that filthy cage and brought to a veterinarian.

We spent the next 2 months in quarantine so we could prepare for our long journey to New York. Over time, we started to feel better, a little each day. We were given lots of good food—no more rotten dog organs for us!—and medicine to make us healthier. A kind lady named Ms. Baek came to visit and she gave us wonderful rubs that felt like massages!

We are Beary and Rose. We are Jindo puppies and today we arrive in New York City. Our past is finally behind us and we now look forward to an amazing future thanks to Korean K9 Rescue and your generous donations.

Thank you for all of your donations to our Gwangju Meat Farm rescue cause and special thanks to all who donated to Beary and Rose, our first Jindo pups to arrive after the Gwangju Dog Meat Farm shutdown.

Please come to our DOG DAY AFTERNOON adoption event this Saturday (January 27th, 12-5 PM) at Dog Island City and meet these beautiful souls. Please donate and help us #banthedogmeattrade in Korea.

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