Featured Foster Parent of the Month: Peter Helman

Meet our Featured Foster Parent of the Month, Peter Helman!

We caught up with Peter to ask about his fostering experiences and for any tips and tricks of the trade.










How long have you been fostering?

I started fostering for Gina almost exactly a year ago, last April, back when she was working with another rescue organization. When she started Korean K9 Rescue a few months later, I kept fostering for her, and it’s been such a great experience. I think I’ve had around 25 dogs now.

What inspired you to foster?

For a long time I was considering adopting, so I decided to foster a dog from Puerto Rico for another rescue, the Sato Project. While I loved my foster, he wasn’t a great fit for city life, so he got adopted out of state and I put my dog plans on hold. A few months later, a friend put me in touch with Gina, and since I already had a crate and food and toys, I figured I might as well put them to good use. I ended up enjoying fostering so much that I just kept doing it and never looked back.

What’s your favorite part of fostering for KK9R?

Getting to meet so many new dogs and learning all of their unique personalities and funny little quirks is so much fun. People always ask me if it’s hard to give the dogs up, and it can be, but doing my part to help them find a loving home is really gratifying — and the KK9 foster/volunteer/adopter community is so great that you can keep in touch through social media and watch your old fosters flourish in their new environments.

Do you have any tips for anyone first starting out?

Again, just remember that all dogs are different and they all have their own little quirks. Some of these dogs come from really traumatic backgrounds and need some time to come out of their shells, while some of them are goofy little balls of puppy energy that will try to chew through anything and everything. Also, always keep a lot of pee pads and cleaning spray on hand!

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