We are a passionate and dedicated group of volunteers in New York City. We work in partnership with local and regional South Korean dog rescuers/activist and high kill shelters. Many of our dogs come from the brutal dog meat trade and are also puppy mill survivors. These two billion dollar industries work hand in hand with each other. We bring them for adoption to the US because they have a very low chance of ever finding homes in their homeland because of the “stigma” associated with unwanted dogs.

We are also working to end the dog meat trade in Korea where over 2.5 million dogs a year are tortured and slaughtered for consumption because of the belief that tortured dog meat gives medicinal benefits. Our #BanDogMeat Movement is creating awareness and pressure on the South Korean government to put an end to this brutal trade.

We stand with the animal activist and rescuers in Korea. A portion of the adoption fee goes back to these groups in Korea. Please email us at koreank9rescue@gmail.com for more information and follow us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/KoreanK9Rescue/

Korean K9 Rescue, Inc. is a New York not-for-profit corporation that was incorporated in January 2017 and is working with legal counsel to obtain section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. See this link for IRS guidelines regarding contributions to organizations with their IRS application pending. Any updates to Korean K9 Rescue, Inc.’s status as a tax-exempt organization will be posted on Korean K9 Rescue, Inc.’s website.


Gina Boehler


Gina started rescuing dogs and cats locally in 2012 and has since re-homed thousands of homeless dogs throughout New York City by working with a large private Brooklyn no-kill animal shelter. She is always on call for animal emergencies. Born in South Korea, Gina came to the US at a young age and learned about the plight of the Korean dog meat trade several years ago. Armed with a background in animal rescue and activism she founded Korean K9 Rescue and is working to end the dog meat trade in Korea with the partnership of many local and regional Korean activist and rescuers. Gina believes together we can change values through acts of compassion, not necessarily just words.

Tina Khanolkar
Board Member 

Tina graduated from a state university with a degree in English and currently is a project manager at an IT company.  She is a new member in the dog rescue world – in fact, she adopted her first dog from a Korean rescue group in December 2016.  After learning about the dog meat trade in Korea, she decided that she would like to help create a new dog rescue group based in New York.


Sue Dao
Director of Philanthropy 

Sue Dao is from New York City and works in Sales and Marketing for the Specialty Food Industry. Sue has always had a great love for animals in general and dogs in particular. Last year, she adopted a rescue by chance and that started her education in the inhumane treatment of animals around the world. Sue is currently working to raise funds and awareness in an effort to end the dog meat trade in Korea.


Hannah Saona
Dog Trainer

Hannah’s passion for dog psychology began in 2009 when she adopted her first beloved dog, Lucas. Her dedication to rehabilitate Lucas into a well-behaved companion inspired the founding of her own company, The Fit Pup, where the goal is to “master the walk.” With more than seven years of experience working with dogs and owners from all walks of life, Hannah is in her element when it comes to pack walks. She has trained with renowned dog behaviorists like Cheri Lucas and Brian Agnew, and continues to advance her education on the latest training techniques in dog psychology. In short, Hannah is Korean K9 Rescue’s very own “dog whisperer.”



Trang Nguyen
Marketing/ Design

Trang is originally from the Northern Virginia area and is now a NYC based graphic designer. Trang has loved animals all of her life and has taken the dive into animal rescue in 2017. Her goals are to make an impact with Korean K9 Rescue and devote her time well into the future for this very urgent cause.


Erika Cabrera
Volunteer Coordinator

Erika is a mother of one and a Pre-School teacher. She obtained a masters degree in early education from Grand Canyon University. Although she loves teaching, she has developed a strong love for dogs and other animals. She has always loved animals but truly discovered her passion for dogs after learning about the terrible dog and cat meat trade in Asia. She decided to attend a protest against the Dog Meat Trade where she met Gina. Since then they have been working together to help as many dogs as possible to give them a chance at a better life.


Jenny Lee

Jenny is a community manager and loyal friend to dogs everywhere. She fosters dogs with Korean K9 Rescue because she wants to live in a world where all animals (including humans) have another chance at a joyful life. Check out one of Jenny’s pieces here – http://www.koreank9rescue.org/2017/06/30/13/ and you can follow her fostering adventures here – @saywoofinkorean