Update on Gwangju Dog Meat Farm shutdown 11/21

Update on Gwangju Dog Meat Farm shutdown:

Thank you so much to all of our supporters and donors who helped us raise $4,000! We have enough funds to save the dogs from this farm thanks to YOU ❤️ It’s never easy to even look at some of the photos we receive from our rescuers in Korea. They go to remote dog farms where the farmers get away with not following animal protection laws. It’s heartbreaking to see these dogs in this below freezing temperature enduring hardships, especially the new born pups. ❄️ After our rescue from this farm, we found that one of the brown puppies is injured with a torn/ missing leg. This puppy would have been dead in a matter of days if we did not intervene. The way these dogs are treated on the farm is cruel and inhumane. We will continue to try to shut these facilities down one by one. We are slowly making a difference, especially thanks to YOUR help. These precious dogs are so grateful, it’s like a Thanksgiving wish come true for all of them 🙏🏽


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